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High Standards


Better Execution


Respected Results

Royalty Auditor Accountant Testimonials impress me every time. You are the best witness..." - Eduardo M. (attorney)

"Thanks so much for your efforts in recovering my royalties." - Michael B. (producer)

"Cedar helped prepare royalties and profit share statements on a soundtrack my company released." - Tricia H. (label owner)

"I have never received such a big check!" - T (producer)

"You guys are great!" - T (actress)

Testimonial Damages Expert

Cedar is strong on cross - she doesn't break down." - Gerard F. (attorney)

"Cedar formulated an expert witness report and testified on damages in a music copyright action. She did excellent, comprehensive work, in a short time-frame, and convincingly defended her research and opinions. She also was responsive when called, and a pleasure to work with." - Steve P. (attorney)

"Cedar is a brilliant royalty auditor who fights hard to protect her clients' rights and interests." - Adam S. (accountant)

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