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Q: How do I apply to join Boschan Corp.? 

A: Think you have what it takes to work at world class forensic accounting, IP & damages valuation, and royalty/profit participation audit firm?

If you wish to be invited to apply, submit to our hiring manager, Ms. Huyen Nguyen:


  1. A cover letter stating specifically what interests you about our firm

  2. Your resume or CV

Click here to submit electronically.

Q: Do I need a Social Security Card to work at Boschan Corp.?

A: Yes. Many of our team members at Boschan Corp. have gotten their start here as interns on on F-1 Visas and OPT extensions.

If you are a non-US citizen who wishes to be an employee of Boschan Corp., you will need to get a Social Security number so that we can run a background check and run payroll for you.


For F-1 visa holders, to obtain a social security number, you must provide to your local Social Security office an application including the following:

  1. A letter from your designated school official that:​​

    a.    Identifies you;

    b.    Confirms your current school status; and

    c.    Identifies your employer and the type of work you are, or will be, doing. 

  2. Evidence of that employment, such as your offer letter from our firm.

  3. If you’re an F-1 student authorized to work in curricular practical training (CPT), you must provide us your Form I-20 with the employment page completed and signed by your school’s designated official.

Please review this PDF for all the official rules.

Q: Will Boschan Corp. help me obtain an H-1B Visa or sponsor me as a permanent US resident?

A: Potentially, if the investment is merited and luck is on our side.

Generally, if an employee's performance and our firm performance are both strong, we invest in applying and renewing H-1B visas for employees, and supporting their migration on other ways.

If you are looking to secure an H-1B Visa, there are no guarantees (no employer can guarantee one because the right to apply is a lottery) and you have equal odds securing one with us as with other employers.

Please let us know up-front that you are looking to secure an H1-B, because it requires a great deal of planning on the part of the employer.  You will lessen your chances of getting one if you hide that this is your intention.

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