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Cedar Boschan
Forensic Accountant & Royalty Expert


Ms. Cedar Boschan founded Boschan Corp. in 2015 after nearly fifteen years of experience providing international royalty audit, valuation, forensic accounting and other consulting services at the following CPA firms:

  • Wolinsky, Becker & Hurewitz, LLP

  • Miller, Kaplan, Arase & Co., LLP

  • Hurewitz, Boschan & Co. LLP

  • Green Hasson Janks, LLP

Boschan's experience includes serving as an expert consultant as well as an expert witness in a variety of mostly civil litigation matters, both inside and outside the entertainment sectors in United Kingdom and the United States, as well as individual state jurisdictions. Her expertise ranges from damages calculation to industry standards.  Additionally, Boschan is highly regarded for her royalties expertise. Her firm's royalty audit and royalty accounting practice serves corporate and individual clients worldwide.

Cases of the public record in which Cedar Boschan has given expert witness testimony include:

  • Greer vs. Electronic Arts 

  • Proprietary Technologies, Inc. vs. Danaher Corporation, et al. 

  • Samir Abu Lughod vs. Suhail Calis, et al.

  • Robert Azinian, et al. vs. Vachik Abadisians, et al.

  • Matter of the Estate of Lou Rawls

  • Art & Coin Television, LLC, et al.
    vs. Havas LLC, et al.


  • Saurer et al. v. Gadfly Dist. et al.

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Client Comment:

Testimonial Cedar Boschan from Trial Attorney

More reviews can be found on our home page.

  • Mayorga v. Fancher DBA Frontier Records

  • Artemis Realty Capital Advisors, LLC and
    Arc Retail 1, LLC V. Freeman, Freeman
    & Smiley LLP and John Godsil


  • O'Donnell & Salvatore vs. Microsoft

  • Julia Riva v. Jophe Jones et al.

  • In re: Craig Lyons Schelske (Bankruptcy)

  • Bronner & Rainforest Productions, Inc. v. Hardy & Packer, et al.

  • Tangent Games v. SONY Interactive Entertainment

  • Antony v. Buena Vista Books, Inc.

Prior to her accounting career, Boschan worked in the music and television industries and she earned a Bachelor of Science in Music Industry from The University of Southern California in 1999. Since then, Boschan's belief and quest for continuous improvement has led her to pursue myriad continuing educational opportunities carefully selected to support her firm's robust damages valuation practice, ranging from seminars presented by CalCPA and The Copyright Society of the USA to advanced valuation courses from experts at New York University. Ms. Boschan agrees with Dr. Stephen R. Covey's that “We must never become too busy sawing to take time to sharpen the saw.”

Boschan is not only dedicated to sharpening her mind with knowledge but also to using it to empower others and "give back."  She served as a board director of The California Copyright Conference for four years and as the national treasurer of The Association of Independent Music Publishers for four years, as well as on The Beverly Hills Bar Association's IP/New Media and Entertainment Sections' respective executive committees. Ms. Boschan also served for three years as faculty at Los Angeles College of Music, where she taught royalty accounting and economics courses. She served for four years as the treasurer and CFO of ROAR as One, a non-profit organization and she currently volunteers with PATH, a non-profit organization on a mission to end homelessness.

Boschan has been featured on the cover of Accounting Today magazine, has appeared on network and public television as a commentator, and has been quoted in publications ranging from mainstream publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Rolling Stone, and USA Today, to niche publications, including Billboard and The Daily Journal.

A frequent public and private event speaker, Boschan has presented at conferences including The Game Developers' Association, SXSW, The University of Southern California's USC Entertainment Law Institute, The Game Developers' Conference (GDC) and The Sports & Entertainment Symposium (SES).


Call Ms. Boschan today at (424) 248-8866. 

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