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Privacy Compliance Audit & Consulting Services

CCPA Privacy Compliance Audit Experts Boschan Corp.

Click Above Image of the CCPA for a Link to a US State Privacy Legislation Tracker

If you're looking for a privacy auditor who can help your company assess vendor compliance with privacy legislation and agreements, Boschan Corp. is the perfect choice.

With decades of experience as compliance auditors, our experts know what documents to request and how test and report findings.
We can also work with your corporate board, legal counsel, IT, financial, marketing and all creative and business divisions at your company to create a unified plan to manage company risk and set procedures in the following areas:
  • Data Minimization and Retention
  • Targeted Advertising
  • Automated Decision Making
  • Opt-in, Opt-out of Sensitive Information Sharing
  • Digital Processing Impact Assessments

Don't be caught off guard by not measuring and managing risk of non-compliance with complicated new privacy laws.
Contact our firm today to clear conflicts and to take next steps to identify privacy risks and take measures to mitigate them.

Don't wait, call Boschan Corp. now (424) 248-8866.

Did you know?

Under privacy acts in the states of Virginia and Colorado, a consumer’s right to opt-out of targeted advertising applies to information collected across websites and apps your company may not control, rather than just activities within a your company's sites or apps. Is your company aware that it is assuming liability for your vendors' failures to comply?

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