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The Best Copyright Infringement Damages Expert

If you're looking for a damages expert who can help you win your copyright case, forensic accountant Cedar Boschan is the perfect choice.

With decades of experience in the field and hundreds of relevant engagements, she knows what documents to request and how to calculate and rebut damages claims for infringers' profits and statutory damages.  Moreover, Boschan is an experienced expert witness who can deftly defend her findings in Federal Court.

Contact our firm today to clear conflicts, request a copy of Ms. Boschan's CV, and to explore how we can help you settle your case or prevail at trial.

Don't wait, call Boschan Corp. now (424) 248-8866.

Not Every Expert Understands Liability Beyond Direct Infringement (Screenshot Below from Cedar Boschan's "Litigating A Copyright" Lecture at Loyola Law School)

Copyright Infringement Damages Insights from the Best Expert Witness.png

Unsolicited Endorsement of Cedar Boschan's Expert Witness Testimony from a Trial Attorney

Endorsement of Cedar Boschan from Trial Attorney.jpg
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