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Royalty Audits

Royalty audits (also known as "royalty examinations") ensure that your clients receive their rightful share of revenues generated from licensing agreements, record and publishing contracts, distribution deals, and intellectual property usage. With the rise of digital platforms and the complexity of licensing agreements, the potential for unreported or miscalculated royalties has never been greater. That's where we come in.

Music Royalty Audits


We are best known for our audits of record companies, digital and physical, distributors and publishers on behalf of recording artists and songwriters, as well as producers and corporate clients.

[ Follow our founder's music royalties feed on Twitter here ]


Interactive Game & Digital Distribution Audits


We balance tenacity with professionalism to hold digital and mobile content distributors and game publishers accountable to licensors, developers and their attorneys.  Our interactive and digital distribution audits are designed to deliver the power of knowledge to strengthen your business relationships and improve your P&L.

[ Watch our founder, Cedar Boschan, speak about video game audits here ]


Licensing and Contract Audits


We audit your licensee's compliance with a wide and deep spectrum of contract provisions ranging from approvals, markings and metadata to marketing commitments and royalty payments.  Our professionals have conducted audits in Asia, Europe and the Americas in the fashion, tech, and consumer products industries.

[ Character, Copyright, Patent, Publicity, Software, Tradedress, Trademark ]


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