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"Cedar is strong under cross" and another repeat client's feedback concerning our expert witness testimony results:
Endorsement of Cedar Boschan from Trial Attorney

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Expert Witness Cedar Boschan

If you need forensic accountant expert witness to strengthen your legal position, provide compelling financial evidence, and to help your client prevail at trial, Boschan Corp.'s expert services are perfect for you.

With decades of experience in damages claims and rebuttal, Boschan Corp.'s forensic accountants know exactly what evidence to present in our reports and testimony to support your arguments.

Recent examples to demonstrate the real-world impact of our forensic accountant and expert witness services include:


  • Music Copyright Infringement Example: In a recent federal musical work copyright case we ascertained music publisher and songwriter profits and assisted legal counsel for the plaintiff with successful settlement with multiple defendants, including a multiplatinum recording artist.

  • Film Breach of Contract Example: In a case against a film studio client, we rebutted the plaintiff's expert report, attended a mediation, and worked with a national law firm to negotiate a settlement favorable to the defendant.

  • TV Defamation: We quantified lost sales of a range of businesses - from apparel to food and beverage - to help settle over a dozen different parties' defamation claims against counterparties including television producers and a major entertainment and media company

  • Video Game Breach of Contract: In a case against a major video game publisher, we testified at deposition and rebutted the counterparty's expert report. The case is currently pending.

  • Federal Bankruptcy: In a case challenging the sale of assets from a bankruptcy estate, we prepared valuation analysis of the assets and gave testimony in court for the judge's consideration in deciding whether to approve a sale.

In today's legal landscape, financial evidence often holds the key to winning a case. As a forensic accountants, our role is to analyze and interpret complex financial data to uncover the truth, providing you with a powerful advantage in the courtroom.

Our skills, combined with our attention to detail, meticulous analysis, and persuasive communication, make our experts an invaluable asset to your legal team.

Boschan Corp.'s pricing structure is competitive and flexible, designed to accommodate a variety of legal budgets. We offer a consultation to discuss your specific needs, assess the scope of the engagement, and provide you with a customized quote tailored to your case.

We start with a conflict check:


  • Call (424) 248-8866 for a cheerful intake interview by Ms. Huyen Nguyen or

  • CLICK HERE to submit the names of all of the parties and their representatives' individual and firm names


Call Boschan Corp. now at (424) 248-8866.

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