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Q: What kinds of audits does Boschan Corp. do?

A: First, two kinds of audits that we do *not* perform are tax or financial attestation audits.

Our audits are all consulting services and mostly focused on contract or other legal compliance, including calculating damages due to non-compliance.

For example, we conduct many royalty compliance audits in order to ascertain whether royalties were calculated properly.

Our team has completed compliance audits in the following industries and sectors:

  • Music

  • Interactive Games

  • Filmed Entertainment

  • Consumer Products Intellectual Property Licensing (Copyright, Trademark, Patent, Tradedress)

  • Natural Resources (e.g., Gas)

We also conduct audits of clients' licensees and business partners based worldwide, not just in Los Angeles.

Our newest team member is an environmental studies major and we are considering expanding into environmental audits.

However, we are best known for our work in the IP and entertainment sectors. 

Q: How long does an audit take?

A: Most audits take one or more years, but once in a while an audit takes less than a year.

Q: Is Boschan Corp. a Law Firm?

A: No, Boschan Corp. is an accounting firm. But, unlike most accounting firms, which provide public accounting services such as financial attestation audits and tax preparation, Boschan Corp. provides private accounting services including forensic accounting services.  Since forensic accounting is accounting for a legal purpose, we work closely with attorneys on lawsuits and in calculating and rebutting damages claims. Thus, we are accountants who provide legal services (i.e., services to legal professionals and/or in connection with legal proceedings).

Q: May I Have Some Additional Information?

A: If you are looking for a PDF to share with your client or colleagues, please find our firm profile here.

For more information, please call (424) 240-8866 to clear conflicts and set up a video conference.

Q: Who are Boschan Corp.'s Clients?

A: Most of our clients are law firms.


The reason law firms engage us on behalf of their clients is that as expert consultants we work as an extension of the legal counsel. When an attorney conveys our findings to his or her client, their communication is usually privileged, so our findings and work is not automatically discoverable.

That said, when we are named as expert witnesses in a litigation matter, our work becomes discoverable, so if the parties are already in litigation and want an expert witness and not just an expert consultant, it may not matter who the engaging party is or whether we communicate with an attorney or his or her client.

Also, since most matters on which we work never enter a litigation phase where there is discovery, in nine out of ten cases it does not matter whether our client is a law firm or its client.

Still, the best practice to give clients maximum control is for a law firm to engage us to perform work on its client's behalf.

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