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Music Valuation Expert Cedar Boschan w/ Jeff Brabec, Teri Nelson Carpenter, Todd Brabec, Erin Jacobson & Tim Cohan speak in Beverly Hills
Intellectual Property Valuation Experts Boschan Corp.


At Boschan Corp., we value intellectual and intangible property assets, income streams and liabilities for a range of legal and finance purposes, such as:


  • Tax & Estate planning

  • Family law matters (e.g., divorce)

  • Bankruptcy liquidation

  • Buy/sell transaction/M&A due diligence

We employ a variety of methods, including forecasted cash flow discounted to net present value, market multiples and comparable sales.


Before we can discuss your client's unique need for valuation services, we must FIRST run a conflict check. Please:


  • Call (424) 248-8866 for a cheerful intake interview by Ms. Huyen Nguyen, or

  • CLICK HERE to submit the names of all of the parties and their representatives' individual and firm names


Please mention the best method to reach you.

Don't wait, the intake process alone can take weeks and we usually have a queue of work, so you win access to services by getting the ball rolling early. 


Call Boschan Corp. now (424) 248-8866.

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