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Q: Does Boschan Corp. provide services on a contingency basis?

A: We almost never perform work on a contingency or deferred fee basis for several reasons, including that:


  • It introduces some apparent conflicts (e.g., whether we take an aggressive approach for short term gains at the expense of a profitable counterparty-client relationship)

  • It often compromises our ability to provide timely service

  • Our work may be inadmissible in court since we have a financial stake in the outcome of the case

  • Usually it is most cost-effective to engage us on our standard hourly basis

  • It is not profitable for us to accept small contingency matters


There are lenders to litigation attorneys' clients who need to borrow money to afford legal costs.  We know not whether such lenders cover forensic accounting services such as that which we provide, or if the interest rates are fair, but this may be a potential solution to financing an audit or litigation matter if a party cannot otherwise afford it.

If our fee structure doesn’t work for you, we completely understand.

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